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What does it take to change your life for the better? How about a severe blow to the head. In this semi-auto-biographical story, Matthew Kang is a cutthroat consultant out of touch with his family and in a dead-end relationship. After a car vs. pedestrian accident he is forced to take stock of his life. Follow Matthew as finds real love and a sense of humor in this brutally funny, unsentimental yet oddly inspiring portrayal of one man's journey after a serious head injury .



In 1995 I was struck by a car while crossing the street in Berkeley, California, USA. I sustained a fairly serious head injury, and as a result lost my girlfriend as well as my position as a management consultant to U.S. Fortune 1000 corporations. During the long recovery I taught myself from books the technical aspects of filmmaking, and also wrote several short and feature length screenplays, including "Post Concussion."

Even two years after the accident, my condition allowed me to film only one or two days a week, which made it very difficult to retain a crew for the entire shoot. Out of necessity I became the cinematographer and main camera operator, in addition to playing the lead role. For each shot my friend and co-producer Destry Miller (who played four roles in the film) and I would set up the camera, set the lights, set the microphone on a stand, rehearse, then start the DAT recorder, trigger the camera - and then one or both of us would step into frame. For an alarming number of shots in the film, no one was actually behind the camera. Similarly, the film was edited entirely on a home computer in my parents' house.

My accident taught me three important lessons: first, as Destry has said, don't get hit by a car. Second, it's important to appreciate being alive and particularly the people in our lives while they are still with us. And, third, one way in which to express this appreciation is through humor and irreverance. Hopefully this learning comes through in the film.